Thursday, 15 December 2016

Worshipping and Praising God

Hey Child of God,

There is no greater thing you can do for yourself than this! Honestly speaking, you know that feeling you get when you lift your hands up to the Lord in total surrender or worship and praise! Amazing.

Do you try to mimic the person you are at church when you are at home? Why not? I am also no expert but I try most times. It feels like I am bringing heaven down in to my bedroom, living room or kitchen where ever I may be, even the bathroom stall at work ( I am serious). I do this because there is no better thing that could keep me calm or give me a good mood than this.

I read on some Christian blogs that worshipping can be in many different forms, though we have made singing the most standard way. The definition of worship is "show reverence and adoration of (a deity) in our it is God, and this has been done by building churches where we physically go to worship. 
The definition of praise is "express warm approval or admiration of" and this would be of Jesus. I sure do admire him a lot!
The reason I am stating the difference between the two is because I want us to be aware of how we praise and worship and whether we are praising and worshipping. And also to know if you want to praise or worship, they often go together but sometimes as we do operate with feelings more often than not we tend to not feel like worshipping at that moment, or you would be tired and not feel like praising. But an obedient Christian would know to do one or the other or both either way. say praise can be offered to family, friends and in other relationships in our lives. Praise is an expression. Often in the Bible it is associated with singing,shouting, clapping hands and playing musical instruments.

Worship is far deeper and can only be given to God, you are to worship him with all your being. I guess when this happens you would feel moved within depths of your spirit. And weep endlessly ( like moi lol). This is lovely food for the soul. Worship requires all your attention, it does not depend on circumstance where God may have carried you through something. I guess we are more likely to not worship as it requires to be in a place of self loss than we are to praise. The easiest way to worship for me is to start of with praise which always ushers me into a place of worship and reverence to the Lord, and then I find myself at his feet in adoration.

I have lost myself in writing this piece, my first intention was to encourage you to worship and praise the Lord at all times, I find myself delving deeper into the two. Now that we know the difference I guess it helps us know how to praise and worship better and also know when we are praising and/or worshipping our God. When doing these two it must be with great joy, admiration, humility, adoration and surrender. Praise and worship can also be a lifestyle, your everyday life can be used as worship, for you will be surrendering to God and humbling yourself before him at all times. And you can just utter phrases of praises throughout your day.

Practising these things will surely strengthen your faith and relationship with God. Next time you pray lift your hands up and kneel, it physically and spiritually makes a difference, it is also the best way to invite Holy Spirit in. Feel free to add in your suggestions on how to improve on worshipping and praising God and encouragement as well to keep on it.

I hope this post has blessed you, until next post. God bless...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Admit your defeat to the Lord.

Hello child of God,

This came into my mind the other day when I had to admit my defeat , that I did not realise as defeat. This correlated with the verse that says not to worry about anything but pray about everything. and the other one in Proverbs that says you should surrender your plans to the Lord. I will put in the scriptures.

I have mentioned in one of my posts that I could be suffering from depression but I do not want to wear that. So when my day suddenly has dark clouds , I go into remission so bad that I go to the bathroom and cry. The last time I stopped myself from crying, because I realised that this was becoming a habit and I had a view of myself as someone who is always crying sorrowfully and it is not pleasant at all. I stood in there and told God I am tired of crying, I am tired of coming to this place where I just feel hollow and sorrowful. I was accepting my defeat to depression to God. I also acknowledged a possible cause of my downfall for that moment and it led me to realise an even greater cause and this did not help at all lol, but I fought those tears.
In addition to this, you can also confide in someone you trust. we are not meant to lead life by ourselves. Talking to a person may also give you a different view of what you are going through and then you can relay it in prayer whenever you pray.

On a regular basis I lay my thoughts at his feet, I announce all that has been on my mind before prayer(or beginning of prayer) or at the moment it happens especially if it is bothering me. As this happens Holy Spirit reveals to me a deeper cause or a resolution. In prayer I then ask for council and guidance. Depression can be a very confusing state, and when asking for council it is to understand what I am feeling, to know what is this storm that is raging in me.

I am a loner, and this has kept me from realising that I need people around. When that kicked in it hurt,especially when I am actively trying to make friends and being open to people. I had to lay that at God's feet, that I am a loner and I would like some help in changing that. There could be more serious problems that you could be facing and as much as you try to receive God's forgiveness and live each day with his grace, you are still carrying or holding on to a defeat, maybe because you are ashamed of it or you don't want to admit it.

Let this post speak to you and help you lay it at his feet, admit to your  Lord that you are not able at that/this moment, and allow him to do his work in you, through you. If you have any more to add to this feel free to share your revelation with others and me.

Until next post, God bless...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Holy Spirit is grieving

Hello you, interesting heading right? I did not know what to name it but these days I have been feeling a certain feeling of grief, hits the nerves and I cannot say it is from me, I don't know how to quite explain it but when I got it,  I asked Holy Spirit why am I feeling like this and he told me that he is grieving or at least that is how I understood it. When Joyce Meyer said you are grieving the holy spirit in one of the YouTube videos I did not understand what she meant but this feeling explained or gave me an idea. It made sense!

-Forgive me for diving right into it. I hope you are doing ok, I know it has been a while and I don't have any excuses, I have been more focused on the other blog, please forgive me.-

That is me trying to explain the gist of what I am about to get in depth with. The first story is about a mother who found her daughter and nephew(7 & 8 respectively) engaging in sexual behaviour and she was morbid, as a parent I was too, I could not fathom the emotions that woman was going through and she was seeking for help on forums. This made me so angry that I felt nauseous , I could not focus at work for quite some that I had to excuse myself and take some time with God to understand what could possibly cause this. It turned out that the nephew was abused and he thought of it as normal behaviour and taught the little girl.

The second is about a mother having trouble with a rebellious teenager, I relate to this more because I was once a rebellious teenager. And this one broke my heart. This one is very short I know and probably the most typical but it is important for the same reason.

I will start with the 2nd story. As I said before I too was a rebellious teenager, had a very rocky relationship with my mom-she was married to my step -dad and i did not like him- to the point that we did not speak in the same house( her stubbornness and mine were not helpful at this stage). Yes there was a lot spiritual immaturity involved. This was from Grade 11 to 12, by the end of the 12th year we were best buds, planning Matric dance together (hair, dress, nails etc). It was weird very weird! It has been like that till now, us as best buds.
On my 2nd year of Uni I was breaking down, having trouble to forgive myself for the way I was some time ago and not understanding how could my mom have forgiven me for all that I put her through. This was a perfect opportunity for God to minister to me about His role in our lives. Through this I saw the love of God that it is greater that anything and that He forgives. I understood the role of a parent and what pain they go through and when I heard of this situation I thought of that. And now that I am a parent I feel the heartbreak all the more.

With the first story , I get a whole lot of mixed emotions. I feel compassion for this woman, she does not know where to go.  I got so angry at the devil, I cursed at him. Truth be told! I was thinking "satane o moleko" ______, how can you put this woman through such! I was raging. Now I am saddened. The devil is a liar! He has lied to those children, he has put fear in that woman's heart. And this is when I realised that Holy Spirit is grieving over the foundation of his kingdom. His kingdom is made of the likeness of these young kids yet the devil has managed to corrupt them! He is a liar.

Holy Spirit is grieving over his children because they are being corrupted continuously, by men with evil hearts and the world that we live in. The devil has lied to our teenagers, he has driven confusion into their minds, he has abused our little children and they are growing up knowing wrong as right! 
I urge parents to stand in prayer for other parents to be covered in strength and courage. To be calm when facing these situations, to have the right words when talking to their children. To not despair but trust in the Lord, to ask the Lord to help with his creation. The victory is God's and together in prayer we shall defeat and reverse the things the devil has done. Let us keep our children in prayer and lead them under God's guidance.

As I was thinking about this, I realised that through prayer I trust the Lord will prevail in these children's lives and He will use them for His glory. Those kids will help others build others for his kingdom. Their story will be a testimony one day.

Thank you very much for reading,
Until next post, God bless...

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Giving up on God?

Hello Child of God ,

Bizarre title right?Yes but I know that most of us out there get stuck at this corner and that happened to be me since last night. Imagine spending your birthday(today) battling with yourself about your faith, the devil is a liar shame!

I think I have some form of depression though I do not want to get diagnosed. It comes out in a form of anger and silence from the rest of the world. So I was having one of those episodes of impending doom, I guess to the point that I wanted to give up on my faith. Yes, two weeks after getting baptised this is what happens? God where are you? He was there trust me I just did not want to talk to him.

I spent the whole night yesterday fighting with God and fighting with myself and this huge overwhelming emotion of negativity. I could not understand that I spent the whole day meditating on his word and this is the end result of it? I felt defeated, praying before I sleep was just like saying good night to your husband without kissing him. I was not in it. I was feeling so defeated because this is not the first time I was going through this and it brought me to the same space and now again?

So as I was battling with myself, I was realising that giving up on God means giving up on life itself, I had no other options and could not imagine living life without Him but I still did not want to talk to him, I did not want him. My frustration with him was that I was not receiving my strength, encouragement and energy to carry me through these conflicting emotions, I wasn't asking for immediate healing, solving my financial problems. I just wanted him to strengthen me because I am beyond tired, I am relying on him but I feel no resolution.

I then spent half of my day reading posts like this one about giving up on your faith and one blogger said that you can not rely on your feelings when it comes to giving up, if you feel like giving up it is when you should never give up and I knew that but my stubbornness was not having any of it. And another blogger said he would meditate on the word of God, so I thought I should give that a try again and it was starting to help.

Now I am writing this totally in awe of the person of God, the battle from last night till now seems like it has been forever. If there is anything I have learned in the past 24 hours is that God will bring you to your knees if need be. I could tell that he was not giving up his fight for me through all that was happening around me and this was told to me through my boyfriend when he gave  me the scripture of Ruth 3:18 . He made sure that my day ended brighter than it had started. When you have given your heart to God, truly seeking after him even in the midst of the storm you will find yourself praising him especially when you don't feel like it. I had to humble myself and admit to my boyfriend what I am struggling with though he was the last person I wanted to talk to.

Everything does work for the good to those who love the Lord. I witnessed that today. If you are in this trap, don't give up as much as you hate hearing that don't give up. Don't give the enemy this chance, don't let his trap work. It is most likely a point of breakthrough so hang on. God was probing my heart all day to talk to him and I was refusing but eventually I did, I ended the day with prayer. I saw God's favour today in all the small things and that is where you should focus. When you know that you are in constant fellowship with him you will know when he is talking to you, give ear and take heart. 
Dear child of God do not give up on your faith, this is when it needs you to not give up because it is getting sharpened really hard. Open up to people and let them know how you feel, seek prayer from family, friends and church . When support comes it's way receive it with open arms.

Father God, I bring close the person who is reading and thinking that this is what I am going through. Probe their heart as you did mine and shower them with your love, strength and support. Bring them down to their knees Lord. Even through this Lord I pray that they find themselves praising you still and resisting the devil. I pray in Jesus' mighty name. Amen
Ruth 3:18 Then Naomi said, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.”

Until next post, God bless.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Hello Child of God,

Hot fueled anger! One of the most passionate things you have ever felt is anger and it is so nice, don't lie, it's best to admit it. Okay it is nice to me but at the same time I know it is not something that should linger for long but now that is where the problem is...

Most of the time I write as I feel or as I go through something so that I can deliver the message fresh as it is. I never really knew that I am an angry person until one bad relationship had to happen. So I guess the right buttons were not pushed up until that moment, I was always a person who had the "I am calm, cool and collected" mantra on replay in my head.
So that one bad incident happened and I exploded in anger, I did not know what to do but my anger ended up in a week long obsession and mutterings that were not helpful both to me and the person who made me angry(we need to be careful of this because our words hold a lot of power). I had known somewhat about Jesus but most of all I knew that what I was doing was wrong, I had to stop myself and eventually say "Tshego you got to stop, what you are doing is wrong in the eyes of God". Yes I knew I was not supposed to go a day let alone sleep on it and then wake up with the same fury, the fire did not want to stop!

Jumping to now, I still have this anger to my now boyfriend(it's a long story that will be shared when the time is right)-but I need to get this point across to you. Of course it was caused by something but it fuels out of proportion. There was a point where it was out of control and I can honestly tell you the root of this is insecurities. I did not realise this until I had to step out of my shoes and you know who stepped in, JESUS! lol. Yes, for real though, I had to step down because this confusion of this burning flame of anger inside was starting to get out of control. You don't want to feel anger to the point that you want to burn everything down then you know something is wrong.

So as I was consulting with Holy Spirit, I was very open to him and stated that I do not know why am I still angry help me overcome this and help me see from which direction is this coming from. It has been quiet a while since I have been asking and today I find myself having to go back to that place again because my hot temper is flaring up. The enemy was the cause of this somehow. You know when you get angry at a person for saying hello(an example, just roll with it) and you yourself are left confused. That is what the enemy does. If you have watched War Room, the grandma tells the woman to stop fighting your husband he is not the person you should be fighting. The same thing was happening here. The enemy will be behind the voice and knows that your weakness will take over and if you have a quick mouth like me then you would end up in an unpleasant situation.

If you are like me and struggling, remember that you are not alone, God is with you. Trust him with your issues, confess your anger problem to him and ask him to deliver you from it. You may need to do this daily completely trusting that he is at work within you. I did not get to see changes immediately as I started to address this issue but I knew I desperately needed help from him. Over time I noticed that I am not so quick to talk. Which is also something I asked helped for, that my tongue should be tamed or tied if necessary. All of this requires self-discipline as well. I can only give credit to God that my anger and my sharp tongue have been a work in progress and I know when I feel like I am falling again I can just hold his hand. Yes, so be aware of what the enemy uses to get you furious and pray against his traps.

Please do not let your anger go longer than a day, the Bible speaks against that. As Christians we should not hold on to grudges it does not help us build the church and become one body, so if you hold on to negative feeling they will take a while to leave and cause disruption within the body. I will probably touch on this again soon and give you an update/testimony.

Please comment how you get through this and how has God helped you. A word of encouragement is always appreciated.
Until next post, God bless...

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tribute to my God

Hello Child of God,

It feels like I am neglecting my other blog for this one lately. Today I got baptised(04/09/2016). Yes you may have thought that I have been baptised already and I am sure a lot of people are going to be confused and some happy for taking this decision and going through with it.

I feel exhilarated, jittery, I want to jump on walls. I want to shout out his name on the roof tops. I have not stopped smiling ever since I left church. I am excited, too much, I am holding back tears. I cannot think of any other day to write this.
To the Lord of Hosts,the Sovereign Lord glory be you. I am in awe of all that you are ever since I have accepted you in my life and today marks that. Today marked how much I want to do this for you, that I am willing to trust you with my all.Today made it official that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.
Praise be the name of Jesus. 

Philippians 3:14King James Version (KJV)

14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Fear. A destructive obstacle!

 Hello Child of God

Truth be told I never thought I would get the strength to take this path, but here I am blogging about my journey with Christ. Taking Bible study plans and posting pictures of scriptures on Instagram. Mind you when I post these pictures I still have a pang in my heart that wants me to withdraw but then I challenge that feeling and exalt Jesus instead.

And this all boils down to being obedient and trusting in God that he is leading me in the way he wants me to go. This has been burning in my heart for quite some time but I was just so afraid to take that step, to take that leap and be Christ's ambassador. I am still embracing that, I am still battling daily to embrace that..

If God is calling you to come forth for him, you are going to experience a lot of conflicting feelings. You are going to be faced with some serious decision making, but it is a very simple choice to make yet holds such a weight and yields a huge impact in ones life. And these conflicting emotions are when the enemy is trying to distract you from making the decision your heart yearns to make.

I was afraid(and still am) mostly about what my friends are going to think of me. I have always stayed true to my paths form a very young age. I have always made known my values and beliefs to those around me but when it came to this, I started having that disease of being worried about what these same people are going to think of me.
And I believe this is what most young people struggle with and later on in life you kind of get mad at yourself that you were not brave enough. We all know that fear is not of God, it says so in scripture, God did not give us fear. Then we should know when fear arises for whatever reason it is, is not from God.
2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
I can imagine how hard it is for young people to go through this without any support because of how the world has become. Being obedient to God is seen as not cool, you are viewed as backward, you are not keeping up with the trend - the cause of so many young Christians living a secular life. The way of God does not follow the way of the world. When taking this journey you are setting yourself apart for God's work.

My encouragement to you is to be brave and not be ashamed, you do not want to be ashamed of what Jesus did for us. Take heart because you are going to be judged about the sudden change of life, you are going to receive blows in places you won't expect so brace yourself. And when these blows come , rejoice because that is when your faith is being strengthened. I have not received any criticism yet but I expect it. It is better to prepare for the worst, not everyday is all sunshine and rainbows, but with Christ you can still rejoice in it. Ask Holy Spirit to be with you and walk with you. Everyday I choose Christ over my fears and insecurities, so you too will have to make that choice.

God's spirit is overflowing, grab at it while you still can. I hope this has blessed and has brought you closer to Jesus, it is all for him.
John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Until next post, God bless

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Getting Sidetracked!

Hello Child of God,

I hope that you are having a blessed week and not getting side tracked from God's presence as you go about your daily life.

I am going to try and give you some pointers in this post about when you are getting side tracked and how to overcome it. As a Christian you should already know that the enemy is always out to get you, laying traps along your narrow path to distract you and we need to be vigilant of this.

When I first thought about writing this post I was getting sidetracked conveniently so lol. I was strengthening my prayer life by kneeling every night to pray before I sleep and playing music that brings me to that place of worship and praise, and this was happening every night for almost about 2 weeks. I was enjoying my new routine, the presence of God and peaceful sleep(I can't sleep well or long if I have not prayed).

And recently as well, I was getting side tracked from fasting. I was giving myself reasons that I am not healthy enough, my lethargy will get me. I was making so many excuses and one of them was, I won't last a day and that is when I realised that this is not from God. So I made myself fast for a day impulsively( I don't suggest you do this) and had to rely on God to take me through it and got humbled.

The first thing you should notice is getting comfortable in your habit. Meaning that you do not seek for more. You don't want to amplify yourself. You are happy staying at that same position, being reading the bible on Sunday only or something of that state.

Second thing is altering your difficult habit to make it easier for you. And this goes along with being comfortable. I started praying lying in bed instead of going on my knees and that was it, I would make an excuse that it is cold. At some point I stopped playing the gospel music before bed which then did not put me in the space that I needed to be to go on my knees. Not that I need to be put a space to pray but if I can make that easy and readily accessible then so be it.

Being embarrassed by praying in public or reading your bible in public would be the third thing. I used to only say Grace for food at home or restaurants when I am with friends, but not at work. It is a very small thing to overlook but it will affect your prayer life.

Lastly is making excuses to do anything that brings you close to God. That alone should indicate that this not God's voice. And when you make an excuse once it is easier to make it again. Funnily bad habits become very easy to get used to than the ones that require effort and are for our own good.

When you miss your prayer , and you remember that you missed it , pray at that moment. If it's before you sleep, get out of bed(yes I do too) and pray. God will appreciate your effort. I believe it is far better giving a heartfelt prayer with your mind and body fully awake than lying in bed and being like "God I forgot to pray so here I am. Amen". Prayers done in bed for me have proven to be very useless because I would fall asleep before I even say Amen.

Once you have established a habit, a time slot for prayers, reading your bible etc. Don't stray from it but instead do more of it. Read your bible more, get to know the Word more, listen to uplifting music more. Seek to be in his presence more. The more you practice the more effortless it becomes.

When an excuse comes to mind challenge it. Bring it forth to God. Ask yourself if it is worth losing that precious moment you're sowing into your life and potentially others as well. I got angry with myself when I noticed that I had stopped creating that lovely ambiance that just dropped to my knees and I realised the dangers of allowing a second of an excuse just to be "regular" for a day, to take a break from my virtues. That break is not needed. Always assess where you are in your walk, especially if you used to do something awesome for God daily and now you realised that you suddenly stopped but you don't know how.

I know we lead a busy life but God is omnipresent so he knows where your heart is at all times. Take advantage of your busy schedule to use it for his glory. Pray in the bus/taxi/train, pray for the passengers or read your bible. Listen to uplifting music throughout the day to remember him. And this helps a lot in edifying your character to be like that of Christ.

I hope that this blesses and encourages you to stay in your narrow path, resisting the enemy! Share with us the moments where you have been side tracked and how did you move past that.Until next post, God bless...

17. Mark 1:35 And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Feeling Weak

Hey Child of God,

Yesterday was not the best of days I was having this week, I could barely pull off a genuine smile. I just need your insight /help/clarification on what you'll be reading!.

I have been having sleepless nights for the past week, literally get into bed and close my eyes and then I feel like I am in a space between but I am more aware than I am asleep. And this has been adding to my exhaustion daily, and today is one those days and I cannot seem to pull it together much!

Being in this state for this long has made me feel sort of weak, I do not want to fight. I just want to take refuge instead. My prayer life has not been disturbed in away, my worship and praise are very much at the same standard if not more. I strive to get those involved as much as I can and always with a sincere heart.
God knows what I am going through because I tell him, besides him being Almighty, all knowing and powerful, I let him know.

Is it wrong to not want to fight? Jesus told us to take heart
 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33.
I know that this is brought on by the enemy, but I am not bothered by that because I know where my focus is at, and that is where I shall remain no matter what may come my way!
I guess it is all in the flesh.
When you are feeling weary and weak , what is it that revives you? Do you ask God for strength and energy? and when you don't receive that immediately do you take heart?? Do you trust in the Lord to see you through? 
I do hope you don't give up though and turn to other alternatives to relieve yourself. In my case that would be wanting to drink a bottle of wine to put me to sleep but I know I would be opening a can of worms I would not want to do deal with in the future.

Let us know how do you go through this period while trusting in God. Until next post , God bless...

Friday, 19 August 2016

Obeying God's word

Hey child of God,

This is well overdue since the week is nearing it's end. I always want to keep you in the loop. I hope you have been having a blessed week and trust that you will have an equally blessed weekend.

This may be a touchy subject for others if not most and I am going to give my experience and testimony regarding this matter. It is very important to know that once you have made the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour that you are to keep his commands -John 14:15 "If you love me,keep my commands.- and that is being obedient.

It took me a very long time to know this and to understand this. I hope this comes at a convenient time to save you from that struggle but everyone's journey is always different. The Lord has called on me many times to obey his word on certain things in my life, I did not have to cut everything off all at once but I weaned from most things and I am still a work in progress. God did not expect me to change over night my bad habits that I have developed over a small lifetime. I can gladly say that I have been as obedient as I possibly can and it has made a huge difference in my life.

However the moments when I disobeyed , I encountered bad/horrible consequences and that was on me. I cannot tell you the guilt I felt knowing I had been warned to stay away from certain things, and having to have the discipline to focus on God's word and not let the enemy win me over with guilt. We won't always get things right, we must understand that we are not perfect! But the Spirit of the Lord is with us to nudge us in the right direction.

Obeying God's word does not only make your life filled with joy but it saves and serves those who are around you, though you may not be aware of it. You become the light in the dark for those who are afraid.
We already know what is expected of us, if you don't then read the Bible, it is filled with God's commands. In some other cases Holy Spirit will put it in your heart to stop drinking/swearing/envying etc, do not take your time to act on this, because this is when you start being disobedient and you will get burnt. You can go to the Bible to read more on what is commanded of you, and this is what happened to me. Some of these things I lost interest in them and I knew this is the way I am supposed to go.

I urge you to take this as a warning. You might be surprised why you don't like certain worldly things anymore, and God could speak to you through other people(be it conversations, or lifestyle) as well, so be vigilant. 
When you are obedient to God's word, you will find that he also helps to keep you obedient, you will constantly be aware when you are about to turn left when you should turn right.
One more important thing is that when you become disobedient do not hide from God, do not run away, then Jesus would have died for nothing, go back to him and repent and go back in your lane. He wants you to be close to him at all times. Don't be Adam and Eve, they hid, but he went to look for them anyway!.

I may write more on this in the future when I am more comfortable in spilling out the exact details, but I felt the need to really give out this message because I want you to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with disobeying God because of fear, and lack of trust in him.I am in a painful emotional situation at the moment because I did not fully trust God with my life. I then took to my own ways but with that you learn there are serious consequences!

May the Lord be with you, may his Spirit that lives in you always burn and lead you in the direction that you should go in. Obey his word, read it and live it!
Revelation 14:12 NIV This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.
Please share your experience about your obedient life and helpful encouraging ways to keep at it.
Until next post, God bless...

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Take time to know Him/Her


I was watching Me Before You, it is a romantic movie about a young woman and a young who fall in love over a period of time and sadly the man decides to take his life because he cannot remain living as a paraplegic. Sad for that man but however that is not my focus about this.

The way I spend so much time with God these days I hear him speak to me in everything that there is out there, I hope that he blesses you with this gift, I don't know what to call it. Surely you have to spend time in his presence to hear his voice among the loudness.

As Christians we know that we are not to be engage in sex or anything regarding that subject until marriage. Besides it being a command from God it really does protect us from a lot of things that you do not have to believe to see that. 
So as I was watching this movie I noticed how these two people were spending time together getting to know each other, without any physical contact. It showed me how much attention to detail was paid to one another. Most of us have not gotten the chance to get to know this because our focus was/is on sexual contact , which in a way limits other ways of communication that could be explored between two people. If the majority of youth(that I know of) could try this, I honestly believe they would stop crying about being broke hearted after every relationship.

this was my favourite scene, it shows he was listening to her.
Even her own bf did not know.
I want to use this man's tragic situation to bring glory to this situation. I wish most of us could be paralyzed to our physical desires as we pursue our future spouses, wouldn't that be honouring God? I have been praying for that, it has been playing in my head that we should paralyze our flesh's desire and get to spend time with the person, listening and interacting, watching their reactions!
The time alone also produced those emotions, it produced loving actions towards each other. The man and the woman did not have love at first site, love came along the way with friendship.
1 Timothy 5:1-2 NIV:Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father. Treat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity. 

These are just my 2 cents worth of opinions. Let me know what you think! and where did God's voice suddenly appear to you? Let us know

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bible Reading Challenge Testimony!

Hello child of God, 

This week has taken it's toll on me but that won't stop me from praising the most high God, I hope yours has been good to you.

It's time for a little testimony don't you think? If you have been following this blog then you know I have been doing a Bible reading challenge whereby I have to read the Bible daily.  I have achieved this by signing up for a bible study plan on,  check them out if you can.
What I really like about this is that I can listen to the scriptures(I do this often), and read on the days that I have missed, on Monday I'd be catching up the weekend readings.

My testimonial is that reading the Bible has helped my prayer life a lot. I find that my prayers are authoritative and strong. I don't doubt anything I say in prayer and some of the things I declare from scripture itself.
Not only that but this has brought me closer to God,  it draws me near to him. I'm now on Jeremiah,  started from Psalms, all that I've read exalts God therefore bringing me to that position which ultimately makes my relationship with him  better. Praise and worship is not only music and singing but it is becoming my life.

I've realised that I rely on this a lot lately and cannot go a day without. I even get sad when I finish a book because I was getting amped up for it and getting used to it, then wish it could end at the 100th chapter.
Also, I can remember some of the scriptures and I can tell if a certain phrase has been said in other books.I was worried that I won't be able to remember anything that I read but I seem to surprise myself.

I look forward to the changes this is going to bring in my life, if a month or so of reading scripture is giving me such joy and peace and full dependence on God what is a lifetime going to yield! If you have not started I urge that you do, we cannot claim to be Christians and not read the word from our God that speaks truth, where are we to look for directions?

I really want to encourage you to start no matter how small, pray to Holy Spirit to help you and he will be there every step of the way, even if it is devotionals. It is not as difficult as I thought it was going to be and it definitely has not been like reading a novel, I get shaken and stirred and sometimes want to stand up in ovation(while I am at work lol), this happens when I fully agree with the scripture at the time.

 I hope this has found you well and share your testimony in the comments. Until next post, God bless...

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Prayer Everyday Every Second

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
Hello, hello,

It has been a while, I know but if the Spirit has not driven to write then we might have these long breaks for us to reflect on what we learn and work on that.
But this particular post came to me around last week , just that I was busy with an exam. I hope God has been good to you as usual and that you are having a blessed weekend.

I am not sure if the title best fits what I am going to share with you, it is prayer pointers I have for someone like me who is just enjoying the presence of God in their life and wants to constantly maintain that and go beyond. 
So this came to me immediately after I had finished praying in the bus on my way home. A thought came to me that we should pray whenever the opportunity arises.

  • First of all you should have a routine, if you don't I would suggest that you start working on it now. You can start with morning and night and keep it sturdy until it is your habit. The reason I suggest that you have a routine is because you will be consistent with your conversation with God and when you miss that spot you will notice it. It does not mean it should boring and or repetitive, or long either. A heartfelt prayer is all that is needed.
  • Once you have settled into your prayer routine. Then you can add more -one at a time- moments to pray throughout your day an example being when you arrive at work take a moment at your desk to thank God or bless your day. One way I have achieved this is that I am constantly listening to the Bible during the day and following Christian accounts on social accounts, so when I come across something and the Holy Spirit convicts me about that I pray immediately silently (because I am at work) about that specific thing and thank God for that Revelation.
  • Reading the Bible daily can help with your prayer life, I can testify to this since I have been seriously doing my Bible challenge. Yes! You will get an update of that soon. But really though, it does help a lot, whenever you read the Bible considering you have prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to take this journey with you at all times you will see things to pray about as you read and use scriptures as part of your prayer. You can imagine how powerful that feels and it does and it is also uplifting.
  • I am a very forgetful person, if you are just as blessed then you should know it is good to keep a note of everything important and this should be applied here as well. Write down your prayer points, you will find that as your day goes by some random person will ask for you to pray for them, you will see something that cause you to want to pray for it(world disaster maybe!) and when this arrives if you feel that a silent prayer within your workplace is not enough, write that point down to include in your night routine prayer. I do this daily, be it from a scripture or from a friend. I would pray silently and then continue to pray again at home.
  • If you pray among people, in a group, do not pay to much attention on yourself though sometimes it feels like you are speaking gibberish but trust in God to utter what is right through you. This has happened to me, I was praying and it felt like I was not making sense yet people were saying Amen and I could not understand why.
Some prayers don't need to be repeated all the time, Holy Spirit will drive it in you. I pray for random people at times. Over the last weekend I prayed for the elections and it was strange because I do not even entertain politics in my life but I knew it was put in my heart for a reason so I obeyed and prayed.

I really hope that this improves your prayer life and brings you closer to God as you have more and more of him in your life.

Until next post, God bless...

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

With Joy comes happiness

Hello happy Christians,
What is joy?  Google search and the first result says (besides the ad): a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

When I was reading up on this I found two websites that elaborate on the biblical aspect of joy and happiness. What led me to this was that this morning I felt joyful and thinking of myself and my situation joy would be the last thing to come to mind or heart. But because I know I'm not heavily because of my saviour, I was filled with joy from praising him even in my lowest of points.

On Tuesday I attend a connect group and during that discussion one particular person kept saying they just want to be happy because the situation they're in -job related - is not satisfactory to the point they become depressed. At the back of my head I kept thinking but I'm kinda going through the same as you are but I've overcome that self want and have found happiness by rejoicing in what has been provided to me. It is unhealthy to continuously obsess over how unhappy you are because of something/someone.
I'm not in a place I'd consider absolute bliss for myself, no sir! But I won't let that be the determining factor of my happiness when I serve the Lord Jesus Christ. My mistake in the gathering was that I did not speak up and I'm working on that, I have a problem of doubting myself, don't we all?

The two websites yes! These are the first two that show up when you search joy vs happiness.
The first one I read spoke about how we(Christians) like to separate the two so much when in fact they compliment each other. And along that page he(or she) does mention how people ended up singling out happiness from joy, which in my opinion is still the main culprit of today's Christians. The second website speaks on that but more on that later. So yes joy is great intense happiness. They even provide scriptures to substantiate that joy and happiness are BFFs. I would not tell people not to seek happiness but I'd rather have them question what's the drive for their happiness. If it's to gain temporary achievements (in turn thinking or hoping that it will give them joy, or relief thus happiness) and not of seeking the Lord, I find fault in that, we have to steer them in the right direction. You can read more on it here.

Now on to the second website,  this one spoke exactly the thoughts I had in mind when I tweeted "Don't confuse joy with happiness. Because one is merely temporary and while the other is permanent!". Correct me if I'm wrong. Unless your happiness is produced by Joy, then I would think it is but a temporary feeling. In this page they elaborate with scripture as well how joy/ rejoicing, endures through all. And they also point out the differences between the two in a biblical context. But they don't discredit whether one is a feeling or not or the other is mentioned(joy) and one isn't(happiness).They show that people claimed happiness at the achievement of something. Whereas Paul was rejoicing through sacrifice.

In my conclusion,  where there is joy comes happiness. When we rejoice in the Lord and what he has done for us,  put our focus on him,  we can surely have joy that endures through all the crucifixion the enemy and world puts us through. In the end we come out of that rejoicing and feeling happy. 

I'll just steal this too
You’ll find in Jesus the happiness and joy you’ve always longed for.”. Always remember that,  not in our careers, our spouses or assets but in Jesus.
This had been real,  I hope it touches you in a way that God would love for it to. Please comment your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and prayers.

Until next post,  God bless... 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Christianity uncovered(the ugly)

Hello there,

I hope you are having a good week. I am not going to paint my faith bad but I am just going to point out a misconception on Christianity!

Christians are seen by other Christians as prosperous/happy/BLESSED, the fact that those people are people who live to work, raise a family , pay debts does not cross others minds!

I hope I am trying to explain myself well, I will keep trying. The reason I am saying that is because I used to think the same.
We are guilty of putting a -no problem , always happy face- in front of our lives as soon as we accept Jesus, or as soon as we become part of a church.
We shy away from being transparent with those who are supposed to be our closest family the people we are taking this walk with and by so doing we create that false illusion. The person next to you thinks that 'oh my word ever since Tshego started going to church she has got her life together', whilst in the mean time you are barely making ends-meat or whatever it is you are struggling with. 

We do struggle more than you think, actually I think it physically gets worse whilst it spiritually gives you strength and sharpens your character. This is not where materials will rain on you, yes they will when it is time for that, but this is not a platform for the lazy to come and wish for a car or a financial solvent situation by the flick of their wrist.
Maybe that is why we seem poised all the damn time! Because we know God has got us all the time no matter what struggle comes our way so we don't reveal those parts of our lives especially to people who would need them for assurance.

One other problem that feeds to this is that we do not spend enough time with each other as brothers in the word, we should treat each other as family more. You do not know the people in your small group except for when you meet them that once/twice a week! So all you see is their beautiful anointed self and you think to yourself she must be having a ball until you get to hear their testimony.God will bring you down on your knees!

I am realizing these things as I am growing and don't see my leaders in a superficial eye or try not to. I remind myself they are just as human as I am. Some could be at higher spiritual level than me but it does not mean life is a greener pasture for them even when it always seems like it, they just simply have the grace of God on their side. How could that be so hard to believe?

I urge you fellow brethren let's reveal our real selves that God is molding us into to the world, to the church family. Let's eliminate this illusion for the new comers , so that they don't get overwhelmed by the efforts needed to carry out this life.
Share your thought s in the comments whether you agree or disagree with my view
So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

Until next post, God bless...

Monday, 11 July 2016

Spur of the moment! Tithing/Offering

I just had an outburst of a moment, I cannot explain. I left everything and had to write this. I don't even know where this came from (God obviously) but yeah, just my two cents worth on tithing/offering.

Your money does not go to God no! It is your heart/soul/spirit that does. But that does not mean you should stop tithing.
I learned to pay my tithe with my bills, it is part of my bills, not after and sometimes it makes first place (I am practising this slowly). I am not preaching about how tithing will change your financial life etc. mine has certainly not and I am not expecting anything , I am not bribing God or anyone for that matter hence I don't expect anything or how you should be doing it right, I am no expert in that field.

Paying rent/bond is not an obligation it is a responsibility, do the same with your tithe? Am I wrong to think such?
Why am I saying this? How do you expect your pastor to give communion to the congregation every first Sunday of the month(my church does that), how do you expect the church to branch out,pay electricity? This is for people who need logical reasoning. But not only do I have this for you, also I think God would appreciate a heart that is giving willingly not out of obligation.
When you pay your rent you don't do it out of obligation, no you don't! You don't tell yourself "I am just doing this because I have to", you actually do it first without giving yourself a second to even think. You are doing that because you are being responsible, yes if you don't you might get evicted ( now imagine if you don't give your tithe! side eye hahaha, God won't evict you lol).
I believe that God would rather have a responsible heart than an obligated one, at least with responsibility you know you are being obedient! Obligation to responsibility is good shift in my books.

I am not forcing anyone to tithe, to each their own and Holy Spirit will communicate this with you in a different way than he will to another person. Mind you I never used to tithe, it didn't bother me the least bit until a couple of months ago and I am still on that journey, when I started, it never felt as an obligation nor does it still now. 
I am writing this as an encouragement to those who could be in a boat of obligation, do not let any negative feelings bring you down that is not God.

Thank you very much for reading this, please share you thoughts in the comment section and until next post God bless...

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Forgetting God on Holiday


How many of you fall in to this?? I was guilty of this, this past weekend when I went to go visit my family. God had little of my attention, actually he was squeezed in wherever possible, or he had none at all, it was like that thing he does when you know he is there but you don't feel his presence, it was like I had forsaken him.
That is what troubles me most now, he was in my mind at the back of my head I continued about life having limited conversations with him, only praying at bedtime because I remembered that I didn't in the morning, or say grace during mealtimes.
I don't want my regular routine to be disturbed just because I am in a different environment.

It's embarrassing but I won't dwell on that I noticed my mistake and I am determined to find a way to not let it happen.
I think one other was that I was afraid to have people notice this new me, but that's gone now.

I think it's a common mistake that most of us do especially if holiday means going home to visit family. I am going to stop being afraid to be seen and I will constantly remind myself of God.

What do you plan doing if this happens to you next time?  Or what are you doing about it now,?

Until next post,  God bless... 

Taking Salvation Seriously

So now you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, from this point onward what happens?
After this monumental event in your life(that only you know about) , are you still going to continue from yesterday or start afresh from that moment onward?
I continued from yesterday countless times, so no one is judging you if that is what you have been doing and this post is here to show you a new direction, something that no one tells you about, I get it it is suppose to be an individuals journey but then what is the whole point of having brothers and sisters in the Lord?

It is important to notice that you have been in a circle for too long as well, you accept the Lord and nothing takes place, you go about your life like nothing happened, you are not learning from your constant acceptance of this magnificent being?
I started taking my salvation seriously after I had my kid, I knew I was saved this whole time but my life was no different and I had a lot of doubt. One day I would take things seriously and the next 3 months I will forget it all and go back to my care free life. I still lived a life you would not expect from a Christian, I was not conscious of my actions, words and those around me, yup I was self-obsessed! And that is the biggest things that tears us from God.

What I understood was that, that moment meant my past does not affect where I am, what I do now affects everything. It is not something that happens overnight, it has been a process that I have mistakenly tried to rush but have gotten back to the pace that God has set for me.
What is taking your salvation seriously? 
A person has to be constantly aware of what they say and most importantly of their thoughts, the aim of this is to be like our Saviour, Jesus Christ, o represent him in this walk. If no one has said this to you well I am, it is not easy!! Don't expect to see money fall into your lap or any other material rainfall, this is a spiritual uplifting, and this is what you will mostly experience, and this is what you should expect
-- And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus--
I apologise for the late post, I do hope it will give you some good perception. Have a blessed week. Until next post  God bless... 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Bible reading challenge!


I have been thinking about this since my last post and thought why not challenge myself in to doing this and hopefully you will join me.

This morning I got an idea on how to go about with this challenge for you but I will be doing the same thing when the current method I am working on fails me. I think it is good to have variation but still be consistent.

If you have a smart phone with a Bible app on it, that means there is a daily devotional in there. It is easy to receive the word in bit of chunks to meditate on it and memorise it. 
So with your daily devotional I suggest that you do that, read it 2-3 times , ask Holy Spirit to help you understand the scripture (best to do this before you read it). From here then you can look for different translations or further explanations online to help better your understanding.

After you have cracked that now it is time to meditate on the scripture, I read somewhere that worrying is the same as meditating because you will be repeating your worry over and over in your head. Here is how I suggest we do this, hopefully the scripture won't be too long but firstly we will have to memorise it word for word, if you can't get that right read it after every 15 minutes for an hour. Once you have grasped it in your head, then we are going to worry meditate about it over and over to make it part of our system, this means playing it over and over in your head. If worrying brings you more worrying then meditating on God's word should give you peace and joy, is that not awesome!!

Don't just memorise a scripture and not meditate on it, in turn applying it in your life, you will be like an empty tin making a whole lot of noise.
One more other point, don't force yourself to do this daily but don't let yourself go a week without it either, have boundaries that you can adhere to.

This is to achieve knowing the word of God in turn knowing God. The point of reading the Bible is to get to know God
I will be starting this challenge on Monday, you can start it now if you like and let me know when you would like to receive an update.
Until the next post,God bless you...