Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Time to read the Bible?

My bible does not look
like this though
I could not find a catchy title, forgive me. 
I often find myself reading books that contain scriptures from the Bible except the book with the scriptures itself.

I think as I am going to write this I will be realising a lot of things, so just bear with me when I shoot out ideas out of nowhere, I just realised for me reading the Bible is difficult, I relate to scripture more when someone is using it and comes with an explanation but when I do it myself I get stuck most of the time. There are times when I would page through and go back to the scriptures I heard being called in church or some book I am reading and already being familiar with then I would read the whole chapter or passage and then understand what the message of God is saying to me.

I used to feel guilty for not reading the Bible and later on learned that I should not it happens to the best of us(the enemy is the one who is making me feel guilty) and now recently I have this yearn to read it but I just never do, I will read a chapter and stop half way through and pray over it and then meditate over it and I will probably not read the Bible for another month after.
I don't know why that is and yes I do pray for the yearning to read it and the understanding, I ask Holy Spirit to be with me in this journey more than anything.

I find that I cannot open the Bible like your regular book and read from chapter after chapter, I have done it before and it had no impact whatsoever spiritually but just facts of what happened in Genesis and Revelations(the books I have fully read). I am expecting a lot of people to tell me to be consistent and always take it a scripture at a time.
Your word is a lamp
to my feet and a
light to my path.

Does it take you some time for preparation before you can read a scripture, do you feel that you have to set your mind and yourself right first before you can dive in and read what God has in store for you? For me it takes the right space and time to be able to get the best out of that opportunity and it is something that happens scarcely, I can't just randomly open the Bible and wherever the page opens up then I start reading. I find that I have to pray and meditate make myself right with God and ask Holy Spirit, and that alone shuts me down(I get lazy) I am guessing I cut back on that because I wish it would be simple for me. I should stop being lazy :(.

But in the world where we work and the result is exhaustion and you don't want to squeeze God in when you are in a rush to work or tired after work, how do you make time for that? How do you get over the obstacles that keep you away from reading the Bible, do you hide behind other books like me?

As I am writing this passage I must say I do realise what my problem is and I will definitely pray about it and work on it with the help of Holy Spirit. Until the next post, may God bless you...

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  1. I have a daily reminder on my bible app to remind me to read, it's so hard to keep on track. It honestly feels like a chore. I've tried everything, bible plans, reading bible in my home language etc. But when it comes to novels I'll be done in a week. I will however start praying about it. Now I'm just so ashamed