Friday, 3 June 2016

Bible reading challenge!


I have been thinking about this since my last post and thought why not challenge myself in to doing this and hopefully you will join me.

This morning I got an idea on how to go about with this challenge for you but I will be doing the same thing when the current method I am working on fails me. I think it is good to have variation but still be consistent.

If you have a smart phone with a Bible app on it, that means there is a daily devotional in there. It is easy to receive the word in bit of chunks to meditate on it and memorise it. 
So with your daily devotional I suggest that you do that, read it 2-3 times , ask Holy Spirit to help you understand the scripture (best to do this before you read it). From here then you can look for different translations or further explanations online to help better your understanding.

After you have cracked that now it is time to meditate on the scripture, I read somewhere that worrying is the same as meditating because you will be repeating your worry over and over in your head. Here is how I suggest we do this, hopefully the scripture won't be too long but firstly we will have to memorise it word for word, if you can't get that right read it after every 15 minutes for an hour. Once you have grasped it in your head, then we are going to worry meditate about it over and over to make it part of our system, this means playing it over and over in your head. If worrying brings you more worrying then meditating on God's word should give you peace and joy, is that not awesome!!

Don't just memorise a scripture and not meditate on it, in turn applying it in your life, you will be like an empty tin making a whole lot of noise.
One more other point, don't force yourself to do this daily but don't let yourself go a week without it either, have boundaries that you can adhere to.

This is to achieve knowing the word of God in turn knowing God. The point of reading the Bible is to get to know God
I will be starting this challenge on Monday, you can start it now if you like and let me know when you would like to receive an update.
Until the next post,God bless you...


  1. I will take this challenge. My issue is which scriptures/plans should I read?

    1. Well at the moment using the devotionals from the Bible application is a good start, to avoid searching for a scripture.