Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Forgetting God on Holiday


How many of you fall in to this?? I was guilty of this, this past weekend when I went to go visit my family. God had little of my attention, actually he was squeezed in wherever possible, or he had none at all, it was like that thing he does when you know he is there but you don't feel his presence, it was like I had forsaken him.
That is what troubles me most now, he was in my mind at the back of my head I continued about life having limited conversations with him, only praying at bedtime because I remembered that I didn't in the morning, or say grace during mealtimes.
I don't want my regular routine to be disturbed just because I am in a different environment.

It's embarrassing but I won't dwell on that I noticed my mistake and I am determined to find a way to not let it happen.
I think one other was that I was afraid to have people notice this new me, but that's gone now.

I think it's a common mistake that most of us do especially if holiday means going home to visit family. I am going to stop being afraid to be seen and I will constantly remind myself of God.

What do you plan doing if this happens to you next time?  Or what are you doing about it now,?

Until next post,  God bless... 

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