Monday, 11 July 2016

Spur of the moment! Tithing/Offering

I just had an outburst of a moment, I cannot explain. I left everything and had to write this. I don't even know where this came from (God obviously) but yeah, just my two cents worth on tithing/offering.

Your money does not go to God no! It is your heart/soul/spirit that does. But that does not mean you should stop tithing.
I learned to pay my tithe with my bills, it is part of my bills, not after and sometimes it makes first place (I am practising this slowly). I am not preaching about how tithing will change your financial life etc. mine has certainly not and I am not expecting anything , I am not bribing God or anyone for that matter hence I don't expect anything or how you should be doing it right, I am no expert in that field.

Paying rent/bond is not an obligation it is a responsibility, do the same with your tithe? Am I wrong to think such?
Why am I saying this? How do you expect your pastor to give communion to the congregation every first Sunday of the month(my church does that), how do you expect the church to branch out,pay electricity? This is for people who need logical reasoning. But not only do I have this for you, also I think God would appreciate a heart that is giving willingly not out of obligation.
When you pay your rent you don't do it out of obligation, no you don't! You don't tell yourself "I am just doing this because I have to", you actually do it first without giving yourself a second to even think. You are doing that because you are being responsible, yes if you don't you might get evicted ( now imagine if you don't give your tithe! side eye hahaha, God won't evict you lol).
I believe that God would rather have a responsible heart than an obligated one, at least with responsibility you know you are being obedient! Obligation to responsibility is good shift in my books.

I am not forcing anyone to tithe, to each their own and Holy Spirit will communicate this with you in a different way than he will to another person. Mind you I never used to tithe, it didn't bother me the least bit until a couple of months ago and I am still on that journey, when I started, it never felt as an obligation nor does it still now. 
I am writing this as an encouragement to those who could be in a boat of obligation, do not let any negative feelings bring you down that is not God.

Thank you very much for reading this, please share you thoughts in the comment section and until next post God bless...

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  1. I have learned something regarding tithing but it does not completely disregard this post. When you do decide to tithe it must be 10% of whatever income you get(basing this on money unless you are a farmer). It should not be a after deductions or payments, it should be 10% of the your gross or net depending on how you want your blessing to be, GROSS or NET? What belongs to God must go to God. If you have been doing it incorrectly giving 10% of after paying debt then release yourself from that bondage and use that as an offering instead giving with a cheerful heart!