Wednesday, 27 July 2016

With Joy comes happiness

Hello happy Christians,
What is joy?  Google search and the first result says (besides the ad): a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

When I was reading up on this I found two websites that elaborate on the biblical aspect of joy and happiness. What led me to this was that this morning I felt joyful and thinking of myself and my situation joy would be the last thing to come to mind or heart. But because I know I'm not heavily because of my saviour, I was filled with joy from praising him even in my lowest of points.

On Tuesday I attend a connect group and during that discussion one particular person kept saying they just want to be happy because the situation they're in -job related - is not satisfactory to the point they become depressed. At the back of my head I kept thinking but I'm kinda going through the same as you are but I've overcome that self want and have found happiness by rejoicing in what has been provided to me. It is unhealthy to continuously obsess over how unhappy you are because of something/someone.
I'm not in a place I'd consider absolute bliss for myself, no sir! But I won't let that be the determining factor of my happiness when I serve the Lord Jesus Christ. My mistake in the gathering was that I did not speak up and I'm working on that, I have a problem of doubting myself, don't we all?

The two websites yes! These are the first two that show up when you search joy vs happiness.
The first one I read spoke about how we(Christians) like to separate the two so much when in fact they compliment each other. And along that page he(or she) does mention how people ended up singling out happiness from joy, which in my opinion is still the main culprit of today's Christians. The second website speaks on that but more on that later. So yes joy is great intense happiness. They even provide scriptures to substantiate that joy and happiness are BFFs. I would not tell people not to seek happiness but I'd rather have them question what's the drive for their happiness. If it's to gain temporary achievements (in turn thinking or hoping that it will give them joy, or relief thus happiness) and not of seeking the Lord, I find fault in that, we have to steer them in the right direction. You can read more on it here.

Now on to the second website,  this one spoke exactly the thoughts I had in mind when I tweeted "Don't confuse joy with happiness. Because one is merely temporary and while the other is permanent!". Correct me if I'm wrong. Unless your happiness is produced by Joy, then I would think it is but a temporary feeling. In this page they elaborate with scripture as well how joy/ rejoicing, endures through all. And they also point out the differences between the two in a biblical context. But they don't discredit whether one is a feeling or not or the other is mentioned(joy) and one isn't(happiness).They show that people claimed happiness at the achievement of something. Whereas Paul was rejoicing through sacrifice.

In my conclusion,  where there is joy comes happiness. When we rejoice in the Lord and what he has done for us,  put our focus on him,  we can surely have joy that endures through all the crucifixion the enemy and world puts us through. In the end we come out of that rejoicing and feeling happy. 

I'll just steal this too
You’ll find in Jesus the happiness and joy you’ve always longed for.”. Always remember that,  not in our careers, our spouses or assets but in Jesus.
This had been real,  I hope it touches you in a way that God would love for it to. Please comment your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and prayers.

Until next post,  God bless... 

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