Saturday, 6 August 2016

Prayer Everyday Every Second

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
Hello, hello,

It has been a while, I know but if the Spirit has not driven to write then we might have these long breaks for us to reflect on what we learn and work on that.
But this particular post came to me around last week , just that I was busy with an exam. I hope God has been good to you as usual and that you are having a blessed weekend.

I am not sure if the title best fits what I am going to share with you, it is prayer pointers I have for someone like me who is just enjoying the presence of God in their life and wants to constantly maintain that and go beyond. 
So this came to me immediately after I had finished praying in the bus on my way home. A thought came to me that we should pray whenever the opportunity arises.

  • First of all you should have a routine, if you don't I would suggest that you start working on it now. You can start with morning and night and keep it sturdy until it is your habit. The reason I suggest that you have a routine is because you will be consistent with your conversation with God and when you miss that spot you will notice it. It does not mean it should boring and or repetitive, or long either. A heartfelt prayer is all that is needed.
  • Once you have settled into your prayer routine. Then you can add more -one at a time- moments to pray throughout your day an example being when you arrive at work take a moment at your desk to thank God or bless your day. One way I have achieved this is that I am constantly listening to the Bible during the day and following Christian accounts on social accounts, so when I come across something and the Holy Spirit convicts me about that I pray immediately silently (because I am at work) about that specific thing and thank God for that Revelation.
  • Reading the Bible daily can help with your prayer life, I can testify to this since I have been seriously doing my Bible challenge. Yes! You will get an update of that soon. But really though, it does help a lot, whenever you read the Bible considering you have prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to take this journey with you at all times you will see things to pray about as you read and use scriptures as part of your prayer. You can imagine how powerful that feels and it does and it is also uplifting.
  • I am a very forgetful person, if you are just as blessed then you should know it is good to keep a note of everything important and this should be applied here as well. Write down your prayer points, you will find that as your day goes by some random person will ask for you to pray for them, you will see something that cause you to want to pray for it(world disaster maybe!) and when this arrives if you feel that a silent prayer within your workplace is not enough, write that point down to include in your night routine prayer. I do this daily, be it from a scripture or from a friend. I would pray silently and then continue to pray again at home.
  • If you pray among people, in a group, do not pay to much attention on yourself though sometimes it feels like you are speaking gibberish but trust in God to utter what is right through you. This has happened to me, I was praying and it felt like I was not making sense yet people were saying Amen and I could not understand why.
Some prayers don't need to be repeated all the time, Holy Spirit will drive it in you. I pray for random people at times. Over the last weekend I prayed for the elections and it was strange because I do not even entertain politics in my life but I knew it was put in my heart for a reason so I obeyed and prayed.

I really hope that this improves your prayer life and brings you closer to God as you have more and more of him in your life.

Until next post, God bless...

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