Monday, 7 November 2016

Holy Spirit is grieving

Hello you, interesting heading right? I did not know what to name it but these days I have been feeling a certain feeling of grief, hits the nerves and I cannot say it is from me, I don't know how to quite explain it but when I got it,  I asked Holy Spirit why am I feeling like this and he told me that he is grieving or at least that is how I understood it. When Joyce Meyer said you are grieving the holy spirit in one of the YouTube videos I did not understand what she meant but this feeling explained or gave me an idea. It made sense!

-Forgive me for diving right into it. I hope you are doing ok, I know it has been a while and I don't have any excuses, I have been more focused on the other blog, please forgive me.-

That is me trying to explain the gist of what I am about to get in depth with. The first story is about a mother who found her daughter and nephew(7 & 8 respectively) engaging in sexual behaviour and she was morbid, as a parent I was too, I could not fathom the emotions that woman was going through and she was seeking for help on forums. This made me so angry that I felt nauseous , I could not focus at work for quite some that I had to excuse myself and take some time with God to understand what could possibly cause this. It turned out that the nephew was abused and he thought of it as normal behaviour and taught the little girl.

The second is about a mother having trouble with a rebellious teenager, I relate to this more because I was once a rebellious teenager. And this one broke my heart. This one is very short I know and probably the most typical but it is important for the same reason.

I will start with the 2nd story. As I said before I too was a rebellious teenager, had a very rocky relationship with my mom-she was married to my step -dad and i did not like him- to the point that we did not speak in the same house( her stubbornness and mine were not helpful at this stage). Yes there was a lot spiritual immaturity involved. This was from Grade 11 to 12, by the end of the 12th year we were best buds, planning Matric dance together (hair, dress, nails etc). It was weird very weird! It has been like that till now, us as best buds.
On my 2nd year of Uni I was breaking down, having trouble to forgive myself for the way I was some time ago and not understanding how could my mom have forgiven me for all that I put her through. This was a perfect opportunity for God to minister to me about His role in our lives. Through this I saw the love of God that it is greater that anything and that He forgives. I understood the role of a parent and what pain they go through and when I heard of this situation I thought of that. And now that I am a parent I feel the heartbreak all the more.

With the first story , I get a whole lot of mixed emotions. I feel compassion for this woman, she does not know where to go.  I got so angry at the devil, I cursed at him. Truth be told! I was thinking "satane o moleko" ______, how can you put this woman through such! I was raging. Now I am saddened. The devil is a liar! He has lied to those children, he has put fear in that woman's heart. And this is when I realised that Holy Spirit is grieving over the foundation of his kingdom. His kingdom is made of the likeness of these young kids yet the devil has managed to corrupt them! He is a liar.

Holy Spirit is grieving over his children because they are being corrupted continuously, by men with evil hearts and the world that we live in. The devil has lied to our teenagers, he has driven confusion into their minds, he has abused our little children and they are growing up knowing wrong as right! 
I urge parents to stand in prayer for other parents to be covered in strength and courage. To be calm when facing these situations, to have the right words when talking to their children. To not despair but trust in the Lord, to ask the Lord to help with his creation. The victory is God's and together in prayer we shall defeat and reverse the things the devil has done. Let us keep our children in prayer and lead them under God's guidance.

As I was thinking about this, I realised that through prayer I trust the Lord will prevail in these children's lives and He will use them for His glory. Those kids will help others build others for his kingdom. Their story will be a testimony one day.

Thank you very much for reading,
Until next post, God bless...

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