Thursday, 15 December 2016

Worshipping and Praising God

Hey Child of God,

There is no greater thing you can do for yourself than this! Honestly speaking, you know that feeling you get when you lift your hands up to the Lord in total surrender or worship and praise! Amazing.

Do you try to mimic the person you are at church when you are at home? Why not? I am also no expert but I try most times. It feels like I am bringing heaven down in to my bedroom, living room or kitchen where ever I may be, even the bathroom stall at work ( I am serious). I do this because there is no better thing that could keep me calm or give me a good mood than this.

I read on some Christian blogs that worshipping can be in many different forms, though we have made singing the most standard way. The definition of worship is "show reverence and adoration of (a deity) in our it is God, and this has been done by building churches where we physically go to worship. 
The definition of praise is "express warm approval or admiration of" and this would be of Jesus. I sure do admire him a lot!
The reason I am stating the difference between the two is because I want us to be aware of how we praise and worship and whether we are praising and worshipping. And also to know if you want to praise or worship, they often go together but sometimes as we do operate with feelings more often than not we tend to not feel like worshipping at that moment, or you would be tired and not feel like praising. But an obedient Christian would know to do one or the other or both either way. say praise can be offered to family, friends and in other relationships in our lives. Praise is an expression. Often in the Bible it is associated with singing,shouting, clapping hands and playing musical instruments.

Worship is far deeper and can only be given to God, you are to worship him with all your being. I guess when this happens you would feel moved within depths of your spirit. And weep endlessly ( like moi lol). This is lovely food for the soul. Worship requires all your attention, it does not depend on circumstance where God may have carried you through something. I guess we are more likely to not worship as it requires to be in a place of self loss than we are to praise. The easiest way to worship for me is to start of with praise which always ushers me into a place of worship and reverence to the Lord, and then I find myself at his feet in adoration.

I have lost myself in writing this piece, my first intention was to encourage you to worship and praise the Lord at all times, I find myself delving deeper into the two. Now that we know the difference I guess it helps us know how to praise and worship better and also know when we are praising and/or worshipping our God. When doing these two it must be with great joy, admiration, humility, adoration and surrender. Praise and worship can also be a lifestyle, your everyday life can be used as worship, for you will be surrendering to God and humbling yourself before him at all times. And you can just utter phrases of praises throughout your day.

Practising these things will surely strengthen your faith and relationship with God. Next time you pray lift your hands up and kneel, it physically and spiritually makes a difference, it is also the best way to invite Holy Spirit in. Feel free to add in your suggestions on how to improve on worshipping and praising God and encouragement as well to keep on it.

I hope this post has blessed you, until next post. God bless...

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